We Are All 60% Water.We assume the other 40% is rods, flies, and waders.

About the Charleston Angler

In our book, if you love Charleston and love being on the water, you're already a Charleston Angler. The rest is just details. Don't misunderstand us. We scour the world for the best rods, reels, tackle, lures, and apparel we can get our hands on. We handpick the warmest, most knowledgeable staff and guides we can find.

We diligently promote sustainable fishing practices like catch and release. But it's all for a different kind of purpose. See, when it comes down to it, when you're on the water with the sunlight dancing all around you and maybe, just maybe, you feel a tug on your line, all the gear and advice is meaningless, because what you're after is much more than a fish, it's a feeling. And we were born to help you catch it.

Local Advice

  • Expert

    When it comes to Charleston, it’s all about the redfish. If you know what to look for you can fight reds any day of the year!

    Shane Clevenger Charleston Angler Graphic Designer

  • Expert

    You can do everything from fight an 80 pound amberjack to watch schools of redfish teeming just a few miles from shore. There's always something to explore.

    Jonathan Harpe Charleston Angler Manager

  • Expert

    You don’t have to fish with bait to be a successful fisherman. If you don’t want to wait and let the bait soak, then artificials are for you.

    Capt. JJ Owczarek Charleston Angler Manager

  • Expert

    My best memories revolve around fishing, and I’ve been enjoying it for more than 50 years. That’s why I love sharing information, discovering new techniques, and new gear.

    Capt. David Peralta Charleston Angler Product Specialist

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Women that Fly Fish


In case you missed the first few Ladies Fly Classes, we’ll be having another one on Sat, Jan 10th at our West Ashley shop. The class will be taught by Caroline Smith Irwin and will cover everything from knot rigging and setups, to fly rod casting and “what to look for” on the water. Makes for a great Christmas Gift. See y’all there!

Instructor: Caroline Smith Irwin
Register: 843.571.3899 or jonathan@thecharlestonangler.com