The Charleston Angler

Anyone who's ever called fishing a hobby needs to lay off, at least until the day grown men start casting for cobia in dimly lit basements, littered with scraps of balsa wood and fairly reeking of rubber cement. Fishing is life, plain and simple. We oughtta know. We opened this store just to be able to say that.

We're kidding. That's not really why, but it's close. The Charleston Angler has ensconced us in a most passionate environment, combining our love for living in this great city with our love for stalking its waters with fly rod in hand. Our hope is that you enjoy catching fish with this gear for many years to come. If so, please remember to stop back by and tell us; gloating is both welcomed and encouraged.

Store Hours

West Ashley:
Monday - Thursday, 8am-6pm
Friday - Saturday, 7am-6pm
Sunday, 8am-4pm

Mt. Pleasant:
Monday - Thursday, 8am-7pm
Friday - Saturday, 7am-7pm
Sunday, 8am-6pm

Everyday, 9:30am-6pm

Monday - Saturday, 9am-6pm