"Absolutely not!" was the response I gave my husband, Dr. Malcolm Rhodes, when he asked me if I thought he should buy Charleston Angler. He was a busy pediatrician, and I, a busy homemaker in 1999; our daughters were 7 and 8. I thought he was having a midlife crisis.

Though he had fly fished for trout and largemouth bass, Malcolm was introduced to saltwater fly-fishing through this little fly and light tackle shop. His skills were put to the test when he ventured to Andros Island Bonefishing Club, in the Bahamas. Walking the flats, stalking the bonefish, and making his cast land ever so lightly on the "blue water" became an obsession. "The rush of a 100-yard bonefish run with the fly reel spinning at 2000 rpm's was so high, that I finally could say I understood addiction." Bonefish in hand, Malcolm Rhodes had a new passion!

He didn't really want to be a business owner; he just wanted to make sure that saltwater fly-fishing didn't fade away in Charleston. That passion persuaded me to say yes to the deal. In May 2000 we bought the little shop, changed the name to The Charleston Angler, and began to promote the art, sport, and passion of fly-fishing in salt and freshwater, as well as the wonderful inshore fishing of the lowcountry.

Malcolm is still a busy pediatrician, so I have the pleasure of running our little business. I, too, caught the passion for fly-fishing, and bone fishing! It is more awesome than I ever could have imagined…it wasn't just a midlife crisis after all, but it has been a terrific life-changing experience for both of us, and our daughters!