The idea was simple: offer top-of-the-line products, impeccable service and expert know-how to a population of savvy, experienced anglers. Pushing rods and tackle would not be enough; the store would need to be an experience itself, something as warm, knowledgeable and endearing as the salty guide who puts you on a school of indiscriminately hungry tarpon.

Furthermore, the store would diligently promote responsible fishing practices such as catch and release; would educate through free seminars; and would teach classes in the delicate arts of fly-fishing and fly tying. It would embrace the beginner, novice or expert within every customer who set foot in the door or picked up a phone. Man or woman, local or tourist with toilet paper on his shoe, everyone would be treated only as anglers.

We set about searching for expert anglers who shared our passion and philosophies, experts who sought a keen awareness of the cutting edge products within the store, so much that they would attend retail shows and corner reps about the specifications and performance capabilities of their products. If you were addicted enough to have ever hooked yourself while driving, you were pretty much in.

Since 2000, we have served the needs of all worlds of anglers, specializing in fly, inshore and offshore fishing, as well as shrimping and crabbing. And the anglers have been happy, though the same could not be said for all of the fish.