Fly Fishing

Light tackle rules the day.
The fish were there, but the hits weren't. How taking a chance turned a slow day into an epic one.

The most perfect day. Ever.
Respect nature and your resources, and they might just reward you with a few days of fishing to tell the grandkids about.

Turn "what-ifs" into dreams come true.
For these saltwater fly enthusiasts, a purists' tournament in Costa Rica went from "glad to be here" to "see you next year" - defending our title.


Don't forget that net.
When the big one showed up at the local pond, two friends rue their decision to leave the net at home.

The one that got away.
Maybe they had caught enough that day. Maybe it was destiny or the stars were aligned. Whatever the case, why did it have to get away like this?


The local hole.
Convinced the elusive Tarpon hung out merely 5 minutes from their dock, this is a story as much about resolve as it is bragging rights.

This was no fish.
A local learns an important lesson after coming face-to-face with a mythical creature that definitely didn't belong inshore.

One, two, or none?
Faced with the decision to cut loose a dream catch, what would you do? Here's John Irwin's story.

Your pride? Or your fish?
If the day was that good - what would you have done?

They don't make them like they used to.
Catching the biggest (and only) local Tarpon required some equipment they just don't make anymore.

We made it back. Barely.
No compass, no depth finder, no navigation save a radio signal. How to make it back - 60's style.

Eyes as big as ashtrays.
If they get this big, it's because they know how not to get caught. Here's one story of the local that tried.

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