Take a note from the Local Experts

You don’t have to fish with bait to be a successful fisherman. If you don’t want to wait and let the bait soak, then artificials are for you.

Capt. JJ Owczarek Senior Sales Associate

See the Gear


For Greater Mobility, Go Artificial!

Let’s cover some serious ground…or water.

It’s true – you don’t need live bait to catch fish. Artificial baits and lures include everything from soft plastics and hard baits that rattle to popping corks and scented baits. Artificials allow you to easily move around with no live bait to replace. I like to move – and I have caught over 30 trout on the same soft plastic before I had to stop and replace it.

Cover Every Inch of Water

Be the most agile fisherman you know.

The real fun of artificials is how agile you can be. If you’re fishing with friends, use artificials to cover different parts of the water column – the top, middle, and bottom. Once something bites, you can all switch to that level and have a blast. If you’re at a spot for five or 10 minutes with no luck, simply move on to the next one. Be sure to try different retrieve patterns and colors of your lures. If you’re still not having much luck, come see us and let us know where you’re headed and we’ll get you set up to move – and succeed.

TCA's Bugs and Suds Fly Swap with Revelry Brewery Co.

October 11, 2017

TCA's Bugs and Suds Fly Swap with Revelry Brewery Co.

A true fly swap, so bring in your favorite patterns to trade and discuss. Feel free to tie a few flies while enjoying some local brews from Revelry Brewing Co. This event will be hosted at Revelry Brewing Co. There will be prizes and raffles so RSVP now as space is limited.

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