Fishing and catching are not synonymous

From Greg Peralta’s article in the Daniel Island News last week. Fishing and catching are not synonymous. There are times when fish are simply difficult to catch. Saturday, was one of those days. My friend, Sean Burke and son (Elliott) met me at the boat landing a little before 8:00 AM. We launched the skiff into […]

“Swimming Through Air” (An Article from Anglers Journal)

“No other fish can match a tarpon for the show it puts on when it’s trying to throw the hook. Whether they’re 3 pounds or 200, they jump the same: violent head shaking, backflips, turning, greyhounding. They swim through the air, upside down and right side up. If there’s a jump a fish can possibly […]

Simple But Effective

A lot of fly anglers spend more time at their vise than on their skiffs.  While I enjoy tying flies, I enjoy catching fish more!  As such, my files are all very simple and easy to tie.  They are not very pretty but they do catch fish.  This time of year, Redfish, Trout and Flounder […]

New size, bag limits for flounder

SC DNR NEWS: “On July 1, 2017, legislation recently passed by the South Carolina General Assembly will increase the size limit and lower the bag and boat limits for southern, summer, and Gulf flounder in state waters. Flounder rank among South Carolina’s top three most popular fish for recreational anglers, and South Carolina Department of […]

Pending Ladies World Record Blue Marlin Caught in Madeira (

In 2016, Gary and Sherrell Carter sent their beloved 45-foot G&S Silver-Rod-O to Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. They returned for the season this summer, chasing world-record blue marlin on light tackle. Longtime Silver-Rod-O captain, Yoan Alcala, was at the helm and veteran deckhands Andy Dow and Yefry Garcia manned the teaser rods in the […]

No Place Like Home by Capt. Greg Peralta

After fishing in the Keys for a few weeks, I have returned to Daniel Island. In my absence, the water temperature jumped several degrees and the fish have settled into their summer time habits. While a hungry fish will eat pretty much anything, in the summer they have a definitive preference for shrimp. On Saturday, […]