When Fishing Does Not Go As Planned by Capt. Greg Peralta

Sometimes, a fishing trip does not go as planned. This was certainly the case on Friday evening. Elliott and I decided (at the last minute) to target Redfish on the fly. It was breezy but the wind was forecast to subside, making for challenging but fly fishable conditions. The wind did not subside. Elliott thought […]

Q&A with Capt. Greg Peralta

Recently, a few people have been asking questions about how the tide influences my approach to fishing.  In the Lowcountry, we have a tidal range of 5 to 6 feet.  Subsequently, we have a consistent  2 to 3 knot current as the tide rises and falls.  Tidal range and current are helpful factors for anglers […]

Sunrise Redfish by Capt. Greg Peralta

As Summer approaches, the waterways will become increasingly more crowded.  Being on the water (even if you are not fishing) is great fun.  However, heavy boat traffic can negatively impact fishing.  So, in the Summer, I tend to fish very early in the morning or late in the evening.  This keeps me out of the […]

7 inch draft in 5 inches of water by Capt. Greg Peralta

My skiff drafts about 7 inches of water.  Today, the Redfish were tailing in 5.  So we had to take them on foot.  Great day on the fly. -Capt. Greg Peralta Check out our great friend, Captain Greg Peralta’s new blog at captgregp.com. A few of our weekly postings of fishing news and reports will […]

Fishing in a Gale by Capt. Greg Peralta

The past few days have been very windy.  So windy, that I abandoned my favorite finesse techniques and switched to power fishing mode with a quarter ounce Trout Eye Jig and Z-Man Minnow Z (Pearl Blue Glimmer) body.  This combination casts well into the wind and stays in the strike zone despite the gale.  Oh yeah, […]

Late Spring Fishing In the Charleston Area by Capt. John Fuss

The constant fronts of March and early April have finally seemed to have passed us by and our temperatures as well as the weather has begun to settle down.  The fish have done the same and we are seeing some seriously fantastic speckled trout fishing with many egg carrying females being the majority.  Please be […]