6th Annual Spot Tail Tournament


2017 Spot Tail Tournament “By the Numbers”

Rules & Regulations

Tournament begins October 27th and ends December 4th, 2017.  Registration begins October 25th.  The Captain’s Meeting will be held on Oct. 25th at our Mt. Pleasant store starting at 6:30pm.

Weekly Winners: One winner each week. Each angler allowed to score one fish each week. Single fish with the MOST SPOTS wins. (See rules below)

Overall Grand Prize Winners:

  • One Overall winner – Most Spots Wins. Aggregate total of spots from Angler’s weekly entries (up to 5 entries).
  • One “Un-Spotted” winner – Each angler is allowed to submit one “un-spotted” or spotless redfish during the tournament to become eligible for the prize drawing on December 6th. Photo entry must be of the entire fish.
  • One Youth Angler winner – Eligible for youth 10 and under, youth will be allowed to submit one fish a week (up to 5 entries). Most Spots Wins. Aggregate total of spots from the youth’s weekly entries.  Please make sure to mark entry cards with a “Y” to distinguish a youth entry.


 A $15 entry fee qualifies an angler for all five weeks and the overall grand prize. All registrants will receive an official 2017 tournament t-shirt. Registration begins October 25th. Anglers may register at any time during the five week period, but will not be eligible for previous weeks.

Rules & Regulations:

Each fishing week starts Monday and ends Sunday.  Except week 1, which starts on Friday.  Deadline for submitting an entry for the weekly prize is Monday at noon for any fish caught Monday through Sunday of the previous week.  Weekly entries will be eligible for the Overall Prize.

  • Week 1: Oct 27 – Nov 5 Submission Deadline for week 1:  Noon Monday, Nov. 6th
  • Week 2: Nov 6 – Nov 12 Submission Deadline for week 2:  Noon Monday, Nov. 13th
  • Week 3: Nov 13 – Nov 19 Submission Deadline for week 3:  Noon Monday, Nov. 20th
  • Week 4: Nov 20 – Nov 26 Submission Deadline for week 4:  Noon Monday, Nov 27th
  • Week 5: Nov 27 – Dec 3 Submission Deadline for week 5:  Noon Monday, Dec. 4th

Each week, anglers will need to pick up a unique weekly registration card to be included in entry photos. This card will be different for each week, and it is the responsibility of the registrant to pick up their cards. Registrants may pick up their registration cards for the next fishing week on the Sunday before the start of any week. Weekly registration cards can be picked up at EITHER of the two Charleston Angler stores (West Ashley or Mt. Pleasant).

  • Each Angler is allowed one entry per week. But there’s a catch…. Whichever photo you submit for that week is the one that counts. Even if you catch a fish with more spots later in the week, you can’t re-submit.  This makes it fun (kind of a gamble for the anglers) because we determine a winner of a tiebreaker based on who submitted first.
  • Entries must be made via digital photograph with the corresponding weekly registration card included in the photo of the fish.
  • All Natural Black Spots will be counted. A clear and distinct line must be visible between spots or it will be counted as one spot. The tournament comity will judge the number of spots.
  • ** Tie breaker will be determined by entry submission time. Earliest entry wins. **
  • The size of fish does not matter.
  • Only one side of each fish can be entered in the tournament.
  • You can fish with a guide, but licensed guides are not eligible to compete in the tournament.
  • Images must be emailed to: Contact@thecharlestonangler.com All DNR regulations apply.  All tournament committee decisions are final.
  • Fish must be caught by hook & line.


Weekly scores will be tallied on Mondays. Weekly winners will be announced on Tuesday of each week. Overall Grand Prize winner will be announced Tuesday Dec. 5, 2017.

Store Locations:

Charleston:              654 St. Andrews Blvd.   Charleston, SC 29407   ph: 843-571-3899

Mt. Pleasant:            Towne Centre     1113-J Market Center Blvd.   Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464  ph: 843-884-2095

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