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Say Cheese and Show Us Your Fish – the 2012 Charleston Angler Photo Essay Contest

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2012 Photo Essay Contest Winners!

The 2012 Charleston Angler Photo-Essay Contest Winners were announced at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo this past Saturday. Robert Peterson won the “Male Angler” category, Melody Dawson was the winner of the “Female Angler” category and Jake Lipovsky took the “Youth Angler” prize! Congrats to all the winners and thanks to judges Matt Winter, Daniel Nussbaum, […]

Photo Essay Entry – The Best Fishin’ Guide a Boy Could Ask For – by Colt Harrison

Knowledge comes with age, experience, and an inventory of the past’s mistakes.  At the ripe age of twenty-one, I found myself at what I hope to be my own personal “rock bottom”; lingo spawned at various “anonymous” meetings.  Only a month later, with the taste of Leeds Avenue bologna still fresh in my memory , […]

Photo Essay Entry – My Life – by Jes Swicegood (10 Years old)

The first thing you have to know when you are reading this is that I am not a person.  I am a fish.  A redfish.  The only place I have ever been is my home creek.  All my friends have told me about all the stuff outside the creek but I was scared to go […]

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Photo Essay Entry – My Favorite Day of Fishing – by Zan White

My favorite day of fishing took place this past Christmas, when an incredible afternoon redfish trip was combined with another trip the following morning to create a memory that is truly special. The first trip began like many other afternoons of winter redfishing do. It was Christmas break, so  school was out for a good […]

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Photo Essay Entry – Fall Colors – by Chad Fulp

Watauga County, NC. October 2010 I am not out of the door and on the road as early as I like for this trip, but that’s ok.  Besides, I get up to early during the week anyway, no need to rush things on a day off.  I stop in Boone for a quick breakfast and […]

Photo Essay Entry – Trouthunter – by David Gaier

This summer we took the kids out west on a road trip through Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.  When we travel, we frequently avoid the more touristy towns and chain hotels and opt for lodging that gets us a little closer to mother nature.  And so we avoided West Yellowstone, MT and instead stayed […]