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Winners – 2013 Show & Tail Contest

We had another great selection of “Show & Tail” entries to judge this year. Everything from offshore to inshore to back creeks to surf. First place male (Telfair Parker) and female angler (Caroline Smith) won a $100 Charleston Angler Gift Card along with some Charleston Angler swag. Our Youth Winner (Andrew Cogliano) got a $50 […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “Big Bass” by Telfair Parker

My brother and I were taught at very young age to respect the elders, for it is they who hold the greatest power of all: Knowledge. They didn’t reach this pinnacle in life by performing foolish acts. They are the strong. They are wise beyond their years and most important of all, they are the […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “Fishing on Folly Beach” by Andrew Cogliano

My name is Andrew Cogliano. I have been fishing my whole life starting in New Hampshire where I was born. But when I moved dow­­n here two and a half years ago everything changed! First of all, the air and water temperatures were much warmer.  That meant I could fish every day of the year […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “Top Water Trout” by Shane Thaxton

We started out the morning tossing top water plugs to some hungry trout. The wind was calm, so the trout exploding through the surface was even more impressive than usual. On multiple occasions you would see two trout trying to take the same plug only to have both miss it all together. The shiny silver […]

Show & Tail Entry – “Searching for Silver” by RJ McHugh

Early to rise in search of the King, a buddy and I take a short ride from the landing to catch our preferred bait, the croaker. The water is like glass and the coming fall air is beginning to cool. Lines are set with baits in the water. The strong scent of menhaden comes and […]

Show & Tail Entry – “One For Bobby” by Peter DiNicola

Cousin Bobby was four years older than me, and a “man’s man”, who I greatly admired growing up.  He was the toughest guy in school.  He was quarterback for the football team.  He fly fished streams for wild trout.  He bow hunted wild turkey and bagged birds every season.  Every year, Bobby had deer tags […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “3 Foot Redfish in a 10 Foot Kayak” by Beth Wiloughby

My husband and I enjoy kayaking in the beautiful coastal waters of South Carolina.   We usually take our fishing rods along equipped with a jig head and the perfect artificial lure recommended by the guys at the West Ashley Charleston Angler. On a clear October afternoon, we decided to try the creeks and marshes along […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “Bobber on the Run” by Tanya Dowdy

I beam with excitement when one of my family or friends decides to take me up on an offer to go fishing because typically I have a hard time convincing them to go.  I am often accused of being addicted, but I suppose there are far worse things than fishing! Thankfully, the weatherman got the […]

Show & Tail Entry – “The Eleven Mile Redfish” by Darrel Olson

So this particular story is about a trip that I got the opportunity to do as it was my turn to pick a location for my yak angler buddies and me to have a successful day on the water. We all have to agree that a great day is one being on the water with […]

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Show & Tail Entry – “A Reel Good Life” by Grace Cleworth

Tap…Tap…ZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGG!! I tighten my clammy hands and my heart skips a beat. The line is threading off of my reel faster than I can picture the monster redfish that has taken my bait. I hold the tip of the rod as high as I can, then point it directly at that sucker, and reel with […]