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Say Cheese & Show Us Your Fish – Photo/Essay Contest

“Say Cheese and show us your fish!”  We’re kicking off The Charleston Angler 2012 Photo & Essay Contest! “We’ve seen your faces in the store, now show us what you’ve been doin’ in and off shore! (Freshwater subjects welcome too)” It’s pretty simple—we love a good fishing story and we’d like to hear yours! And […]

Winners of The 2009 Charleston Angler Photo/Essay Contest

Drum Roll, please — It’s time for us to announce the winners of The Charleston Angler Photo and Essay Contest! Over the course of October we collected entries from Lowcountry Anglers, and boy was the competition thick. Our judges – Jeff Dennis, Matt Winters, and Daniel Nussbaum – read through 23 entries and somehow managed […]

Joining the “Billfish Club”

Joining the “Billfish Club” By Caleb Davis, Age 13 Edisto Island I have always had a love for fishing but it wasn’t until this past July that I discovered just how much fun offshore fishing could be.  One night in July, while watching TV, my dad came up to me and said, “Caleb, do you […]

The Fish “Store”

The Fish “Store” By Mercedes Sykora It was mid-morning and it was time to go to the “fish store” for dinner.  Our family of four had been living on board a sailboat in the Bahamas.  My husband, Ron, often referred to the ocean’s reefs as our “store”.  Here, we would catch whatever we wanted for […]

Sailing for Blues

Sailing for Blues We were under full sail aboard the Carowee, a 30 foot sail boat making 7 knots on a heading of 120 degrees true.  The sun was only 30 minutes over the horizon turning the sea from black to the wonderful deep blue only found in the Gulf Stream off Charleston.  We had […]

Black Marlin for Mom-to-Be

Black Marlin for Mom-to-Be My wife and I took a trip to beautiful Costa Rica 20 years ago.  Our 2nd child was 6 months in the oven.  We did not know if Captain Bill Gannon at Sport Fishing Costa Rica in Quepos would even allow Barbara to fish aboard his 23 ft charter boat. Eventually […]

Sunkissed by Lena Halvarsson

SUNKISSED I guess I could tell you all about that time when he caught that shark out by Capers Island, a couple of summers ago. The shark was a four foot long Blacktip, its top fin impressive and sharp as a knife, yet soft and beautiful. The skin like sand paper and the black eyes […]

Fish Michigan by Peter M. Devlin

Peter M. Devlin Fish Michigan It finally happened last night.  The day after pop icon Michael Jackson and legendary hottie Farrah Fawcett passed away, I caught my biggest ever brown trout on a dry fly.  We had worked out some kinks, we had picked any and every available brain.  We had a plan, got to […]