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Capt. Joe Benton’s EP Baitfish fly

In these colder months when many fly fisherman are on the water a lot less we sit around and dream of flood tides and warmer weather.  A good way to pass the time and prepare for the upcoming spring and summer is to tie flies.  Here is a great example of an EP baitfish variant […]

Winter Fish Kill

The water temperatures dropped during the Snowpocalypse that Charleston experienced this past week.  Water temperatures were reported as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the creeks.  The drastic drop in water temperatures lead to a kill off of Seatrout, Sheepshead and small Redfish.  This article from DNR sheds some light on the topic. “Spotted seatrout are a […]

Trout in a Snow Storm – Article by Captain Greg Peralta

  Today, the Lowcountry experienced a record breaking snow storm.   Watching the snow accumulate, I wondered if the Trout were still biting.  So, I called Elliott and we set out to see.  It was bitterly cold and we quickly lost the feeling in our hands.   However, we were able to catch a few of these […]

A Christmas Gift – Article from

Like many families, mine gets together around the holidays. My mother and my wife are the primary drivers of this effort and the ones who work hardest to make it special. They love Christmas and have the kind of Christmas spirit that makes tacky decorations and bad music palatable. Well, almost. We meet at my […]

Dressing for Cold Weather Fishing

The question should not be “Is it too cold to fish?” but rather “How do I dress to beat the cold?”   The key to beating the cold is layering.  Layering is important because the temperatures can vary through the day and each layer traps air which acts as insulation from the cold.  What we […]

Christmas in Florida

Alarm goes off at 6 AM!! Grab a bottle of water and walk a mile down the beach to the Fort Pierce Inlet.  By the time we arrive the sky starts to get lighter as sun rise approaches.  We climb over the rocks of the Fort Pierce Inlet Jetty and see the flat calm outgoing […]