Charleston Corporate Charter Fishing – by Capt. Stephen Fields

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I had the opportunity to go out with a friend of mine who invited some of his clients along for a day of fishing.  Well, it looks like he brought the cold and wind with him.  With a little patience, we battled through the wind and waves.  The wind finally died down a little and we were able to fish the area effectively.  We tossed out some blue crab around some oyster bars that were slowly getting covered with water from the incoming tide.  It didn’t take long for a taker. Fish on! The fish were starting to warm up along with us.  After our success on the flats around the oyster bars we headed to a few feeder creeks that dumped out beside a dock.  The fish were in the creeks and actively feeding on bait fish.  After a few denials on the blue crab, we sight cast gold spoons and shallow crankbaits.  Success!  They seemed to like the artificial hard baits.  What a great day.  We did it all, live and artificial baits.  It was a great charter with old and new friends.

Capt. Stephen Fields
Fields Fishing

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