Christmas in Florida

Alarm goes off at 6 AM!! Grab a bottle of water and walk a mile down the beach to the Fort Pierce Inlet.  By the time we arrive the sky starts to get lighter as sun rise approaches.  We climb over the rocks of the Fort Pierce Inlet Jetty and see the flat calm outgoing tide.  We start casting Heddon Super Spook Jr. and Storm Chug Bug plugs up current.  On the first casts the Jack Crevalle start busting the plugs and we both have fish on.  The rush of adrenaline lasted for about 30 minutes with multiple fish until the sun broke the horizon and the fish frenzy turned off.


After lunch we set out on the hunt for Pompano in the Indian River in the new Hobie kayaks.  Rods are rigged with 1/4 oz diamond tail grubs, goofy jigs, small bucktails, and Z-man Pogyz . We arrived to our fishing spot and it’s all Ladyfish!!! Fantastic fight with drag pulling and arial show, but always have to re-tie after 2 fish because they frey the leader so bad. Then we drifted over to the mangroves and fished points that had current flowing around.  We cast up current of the point and BAM! Snook and Jack Crevalle were sitting there ambushing anything that flowed around the point.


-Paul Speranza

TCA manager

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