Dressing for Cold Weather Fishing

The question should not be “Is it too cold to fish?” but rather “How do I dress to beat the cold?”   The key to beating the cold is layering.  Layering is important because the temperatures can vary through the day and each layer traps air which acts as insulation from the cold.  What we like to do is utilize a 3 layer system.  A base layer, mid layer, and outer layer.  Its a good idea to start with something like Patagonia Capilene as a base layer, and wear a Patagonia Better Sweater or a Simms Rivershed Sweater as a mid layer.  For an outer layer the Simms Challenger Windbloc Hoodie or the Columbia Lake 22 Down jacket are great.

Accessory apparel and gear is a must.  Hats, neck gators, gloves and shoes are all things that need to be considered.  The Simms Chunky Beanie is a great option for head wear that will keep your head and ears warm.  Polar buffs are great for keeping your face and neck covered and warm, remember just because it is cold out does not mean that you do not need to protect yourself from the sun.  The Polar buffs offer sun protection, wind protection, and insulation to help keep the heat in and the cold out.  Simms Freestone Half-finger gloves are great fleece gloves that allow you to retain the movement and use of your fingers.  Simms ExStream Fold-over Mitts are lined mitts with a fold-over option to expose the fingers for more detailed tasks.  Do not forget about your feet.  Simms wading socks paired with Simms Challenger Pull-on boots are great for keeping dry and keeping out the cold.

For those wet and cold days Grundens Neptune bibs paired with a Grundens Neptune Jacket make a fantastic outer layer.  Another option is the  Simms Challenger bibs  and Jacket.

Making sure your apparel has the right stuff is important as well.  Technical apparel can do many things from protecting you from the sun to keeping you warm in frigid temperatures.  Wind proofing is always a necessity for the boat ride to and from your fishing spots.

So don’t let the cold stop you from fishing, stop in and get the gear you need.

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