Red Snapper Seminar Recap

The Red Snapper mini season has been announced for 2017.  November 3-5 and November 10-12.  Limit of 1 fish per person per day, with no size limit.  There are several ways to record your catch including carcass collection and electronic recording through  All reporting is voluntary but is strongly encouraged so as to establish future seasons.

For fish showing signs of barotrauma that are released and not kept, descending devices are recommended over venting because it eliminates the need for introducing a second injury to the fish.

Seaqualizer descending device

Captain Mark Brown of the TEASER2 recommends using single hook rigs with an 8/o non-offset circle hook and a 16oz weight.  For bait he recommends cigar minnows, spanish sardines, and small menhaden.  Red Snapper has been reported to be in waters between 40 and 300 feet.

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A big thanks to Kelsey Dick, Captain Mark Brown, the rest of the SAFMC team, and to the South Carolina Wildlife Federation.

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